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Dr Ampat works as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Royal Liverpool University Hospitals and is a Clinical Teacher at the School of Medicine, University of Liverpool.

After years of surgical practice, Mr. Ampat now specialises in treating people with spine, feet and other musculoskeletal problems without surgical intervention if possible. His main research interests are spine, feet, exercise therapy and lifestyle modification. He has developed the “FREE FROM PAIN” functional rehabilitation programme to help seniors with musculoskeletal pain.

FREE FROM PAIN is an acronym and when expanded reads as Fear Reduction Exercise Early with Food from plants, Rest and relaxation, Organisation [family & friends] and Motivation [Ikigai] to help with Pain from Arthritis and to Increase Natural strength. “Free from pain” combines the knowledge from the blue zones with three different established exercise programmes. Mr. Ampat has written books, published in peer reviewed medical journals and lectures both nationally and internationally.

Mr. Ampat is also a paid consultant for Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. which involves Research, Teaching and Speaking. Outside work he enjoys time with his wife and two daughters. He derives his inspiration from his eldest daughter Talita who is profoundly handicapped and wheelchair bound due to Cerebral Palsy.


Hi, my name is Sammy, and I am a research assistant and exercise therapist for Dr Ampat.

I am from Leicester but moved to Liverpool in 2016 when I began university. I studied at Liverpool John Moores University where I completed my BSc in sports and exercise science. During this time, I gained an interest in biomechanics. This involves the study of mechanical laws relating to the movement and structure of living organisms. Following my interest, I decided to study for my MSc in Sports and Clinical Biomechanics, which I completed in July 2021.

Studying for both my degrees gave me a deeper understanding in the importance of physical activity and the positive effects it can have on our quality of life, particularly as we age. I am continually striving to develop my knowledge of health using functional methods of physical activity as opposed to surgical interventions. I practise this philosophy within my own life by participating in football, running, cycling and tennis.


BSc Sports and Exercise science

MSc Sport and Clinical Biomechanics

FA level 1 coaching qualification


Hey everyone! My name is Jonny and I am Dr Ampat’s research assistant. I previously studied at Lancaster University, where I graduated with a degree in psychology in 2019. The human anatomy has always fascinated me, and my studies learning how the brain and the body work together deepened this fascination.

Since I graduated, rather than learning about how the human brain works, I now conduct research on Dr Ampat’s behalf into conditions of the body. The abundance of evidence that shows how simple lifestyle changes can reduce pain, improve function and enhance quality of life has had a lasting effect on me and my lifestyle. I have also been fortunate enough to observe first hand how exercise can improve a person’s wellbeing, to the point where it actually prevents the need for surgery. Alongside my research work, I am currently training to become a qualified fitness instructor, with the view to help my colleague Adam and Dr Ampat conduct our Free from Pain exercise classes (so you’ll hopefully be seeing me soon!).


BSc Psychology (Hons)
Working towards: Level 2 Gym Instructor
Working towards: Level 3 Personal Trainer